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Deleting Folders

RemoveDirectory requires the input folder to be empty. That typically requires repeatedly FileFind’ing the folder contents (either with the MFC wrapper or directly with the Win32 API) and DeleteFile‘ing. Things soon get interesting when you discover you need more code … Continue reading

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Duplicate Volume Serial Numbers

We recently released a product version, with yearly licenses attached to the machine’s Volume Serial Number.  Now it is called a ‘serial number’, and it seems as meaningless and as random as a UID (mine is 34EE-10A0), so it must … Continue reading

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Memory Fragmentation Trouble

We recently had some weird issues that turned out to emanate from a failure to allocate a large consecutive chunk of heap memory.  (It was an exceptional pain to nail the cause there – maybe more on that in a … Continue reading

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EnumDisplayMonitors Troubles – NvCpl solutions.

Recently I had EnumDisplayMonitors presenting some strange behaviour, exposing 2 monitors when in fact only one was connected. The nVidia Control panel API eventually came to the rescue – it exposes the entire functionality available via the nVidia control panel, … Continue reading

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