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Debugging DICOM Query/Retrieve Communication

I recently had the questionable pleasure of writing a DICOM Q/R-module, for communication with a PACS. A future post may be dedicated to letting some steam out, and listing in detail the reasons I consider DICOM to be the worst … Continue reading

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Sound Alerts on VS Events – Revisited

I started using the sound alerts on a machine with VS2008 express – and I just learnt that this tweak works for VS2003 and VS2008 but not VS2005. Here’s how it (apparently) came about: First, MS deliberately took it out. … Continue reading

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Sound alerts on VS events

When a build is more than a few seconds, I often drift off – to either productive or unproductive activity, but anyway into something I must snap out of. So for me personally, the following just discovered tweak can be … Continue reading

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Coding Binary as Binary

If you’re comfortable with hex, you have no business in this post.  If on the other hand, when faced with a mask like 0xFFA8 you’re forced – like me – to translate it on paper into 11111111 10101000,  then by … Continue reading

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Naming threads

There is a nice feature that is all but undocumented, and has next to no web presence too:  you can give your threads meaningful names. While this is trivial in managed code, it is hardly obvious for native.  The TIB … Continue reading

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Debugging Native Memory Leaks, Part 1: LeakDiag

Leaking memory is probably the single most painful aspect of native code – its the reason managed was ever born. At work, our code routes ‘new’ calls through_aligned_malloc_dbg. This CRT API, along with cousins like _malloc_dbg and _calloc_dbg, takes extra … Continue reading

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