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Movies Trouble in PowerPoint

(Note: most of this post avoids developer jargon, in hope of being useful to all users) Did you ever give a media-rich presentation, and had to sheepishly apologize to the audience when some movies just wouldn’t play?    Did you ever … Continue reading

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2D Matrix Watch – Introducing autoexp.dat

Deep inside your VS installation (%VS installation%\Common7\Packages\Debugger), hides a bag of goodies called autoexp.dat. It is only semi-official, and almost entirely undocumented. Andy Pennell confesses its his fault,  but I suspect there’s more to it.  Admittedly, its still (as of … Continue reading

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Resolving linker warning LNK4221

While cleaning up code warnings I came across LNK4221: “xxx.obj: no public symbols found; archive member will be inaccessible.”. The message does point out the culprit obj file, but not much more. both the documentation and a knowledge base article … Continue reading

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Watching members in release builds

A typical development scenario:  you fight a bug that raises its head only in production build. You step through your code and inspect member variables, only to be greeted by utter garbage. There’s an easy workaround, surprisingly. The calling convention … Continue reading

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Hello world!

I’m a mathematician by education, currently software team leader in Simbionix. I feel my collection of tweaks & tricks have reached that critical mass where it may be of value to others – I’ll post whatever was useful to me … Continue reading

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