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PGO and OpenMP

Alan Ning just posted about a cool hack of VS’s PGO switch, which was a sad reminder of all the wonderful goodies I’d never taste in my present job. PGO builds can incorporate many optimizations that regular builds cannot, thereby … Continue reading

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Ternary Operator and Type Compatibility

The (?,:) operator, as in – is commonly referred to as the Ternary Operator. (It is a common abuse of terminology: a ternary operator is one that operates on three arguments. This particular ternary operator is the Conditional Expression operator.)  … Continue reading

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On _purecall and the Overhead(s) of Virtual Functions

A while ago a friend asked me whether pure virtual functions have higher overhead than regular virtual functions. At the time I answered that this cannot be – the pure/non-pure distinction is meaningful only at compile time, and non-existent at … Continue reading

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