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Playing With Strings

Take the following code: What would you see when watching the resulting strings? Probably not what you expect: This is a simplified version of a much dirtier, very real bug I dealt with recently. Several string and debugger features joined … Continue reading

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OptimizedMesh DirectX Sample Having Issues With Large Meshes

The DirectX SDK comes with quite a few nice samples, neatly organized in a sample browser. Quoting the documentation from the OptimizedMesh sample: This OptimizedMesh Sample sample demonstrates the different types of meshes D3DX can load and optimize, as well … Continue reading

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Coders at Work

I started reading Coders at Work, and it is just as good as Jeff and Joel say. The Jamie Zawinski chapter is brilliant. Brad Fitzpatrick¬† – while he may be an exceptional developer, he’s a ‘wow, like, dude!’¬† kind of … Continue reading

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