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x86/x64 Numerical differences – Correction

In a previous post a truncation scheme was suggested, to circumvent x86/x64 differences in math library implementations: Since then, I accumulated some mileage with the scheme and have come to understand that line 8: -is flawed. Since we drop the … Continue reading

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Linker Weak Symbols

C++’s One-Definition-Rule roughly states that In the entire program, an object or non-inline function cannot have more than one definition; if an object or function is used, it must have exactly one definition. Which sounds like a good idea – … Continue reading

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x86/x64 Library Numerical differences

There are many online sets of examples of 64 bit migration pitfalls, but I recently came across two that that appear not to be mentioned elsewhere. First, downright compiler bugs.  We still have those and some raise their head only … Continue reading

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