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Stepping Over Unwanted Functions

There’s an undocumented VS setting that lets you specify functions that would not be stepped into when you click F11.  This can be save quite a few clicks in situations of the form – Where pressing F11 would repeatedly step … Continue reading

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Debugging a Process Launch

While this is hardly a hidden setting, I found myself spending too much time to find it twice already – the msdn page describing it appears low on search results, since it uses very different terminology.  So,  if only for … Continue reading

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Extending Error Codes – to DirectX and Beyond.

$err,hr is quite useful as is, but it only knows how to interpret built-in error codes. Happily, there is an easy way to extend it, via a section in autoexp. All it takes is adding lines of the form – … Continue reading

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Watching Errors in Visual Studio

System and COM routines often set an error code, that can be retrieved by GetLastError.   There are several ways to decipher this code – (1) Use the command line net helpmsg, (2) From the VS menu, select Tools/Error Lookup … Continue reading

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EnumDisplayMonitors Troubles – NvCpl solutions.

Recently I had EnumDisplayMonitors presenting some strange behaviour, exposing 2 monitors when in fact only one was connected. The nVidia Control panel API eventually came to the rescue – it exposes the entire functionality available via the nVidia control panel, … Continue reading

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