Scott spent an entire hour explaining why Every developer should write a blog. Jeff just can’t write enough about the benefits of communicating technical ideas – and blogging in particular. Guys write books about how technical blogging changed their lives. But personally I think Jon actually put it best:

It’s amazing how much you find you don’t know when you try to explain something in detail to someone else. It can start a whole new process of discovery.

My name is Ofek, I’m a mathematician by training and Algorithmician / VC developer by occupation.  I’ll be trying here to make the interweb a wee better by posting technical stuff that was hard to impossible for me to come by, in hope of saving someone, somewhere, some headache.

I will try to avoid general musings and opinions, but the temptation certainly is there.

Judging by the 1st year of blogging, the rare combination of free time, energy and a touch of the muse that culminates into a post – should happen roughly once a month.

I can be reached also as ofek.shilon at gmail.



6 Responses to About

  1. Anonymous says:

    Excellent blog Opac.
    Keep the good stuff coming.

  2. fenbf says:

    I’ve just came across you blog and I am impressed! Great posts about VS development, C++, optimizations and debugging.

  3. allen says:

    hi, I have follow ur RSS. Glad to see ur new share on C++. I work omn

  4. Alice says:

    Great reading your blog posst

  5. Finite Plan says:

    Hi Ofek.

    Please take a look at this new software development methodology:

    Your opinion will be appreciated !

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