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Visual Studio Projects that Just Keep Rebuilding, or: How Quantum Mechanics Mess Up Your Build

A lot has already been said on it, (no, seriously, a lot) and yet some root causes are not yet covered. All that follows holds for C++ projects, C#, VB, and everything MSBuild in general. The symptom Normally if you build your solution, change … Continue reading

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My Guest Post on the VC Team blog

I answered a public invitation by Eric Battalio of the VC team – and just now published an article on the VC blog, introducing the native Expression Evaluator: Every time you use the Watch window, a lot is going on … Continue reading

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Geometric Inverse Application 1: Barycentric Coordinates

Last time I jotted down some equations suggesting how you should understand 3d matrix inverses, or how to solve 3×3 equations. Below is a first application, for obtaining barycentric coordinates. Barycentric coordinates are the canonical way of describing a point … Continue reading


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Windows Internals Course by Sela College

A word just for Israeli readers: Sela College has agreed to open a Windows Internals Class in Ramat-Gan. It’s a 5 day course, every Sunday starting June 24. It’s obviously based on the identically named book, and the syllabus is … Continue reading

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