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C++ Const Constructability

[Inspired by CppQuiz #264] Take this code snippet: It fails to compile in gcc, with: error: ‘const struct C’ has no user-provided default constructor and the implicitly-defined constructor does not initialize ‘int C::i’ Clang and icc give similar error messages. … Continue reading

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Some years ago I encountered a crash that I reduced down to the following toy code, composed of a dll: and a console app: As emphasized and commented, FreeLibrary causes a crash – typically (but not always) an access violation, … Continue reading

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CMake Rants

CMake is a highly popular ‘meta-build’ system: it is a custom declarative syntax that is used to generate build scripts for all major OSs and compilers (e.g., VS solutions and projects). Designing such a system is a formidable task, but … Continue reading

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Executing Code Once Per Thread in an OpenMP Loop

Take this toy loop: Now suppose you want to run some preparation code once per thread – say, SetThreadName, or SetThreadPriority or whatnot.  How would you go about that? If you code it before the loop the code would execute … Continue reading

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x86/x64 Numerical differences – Correction

In a previous post a truncation scheme was suggested, to circumvent x86/x64 differences in math library implementations: Since then, I accumulated some mileage with the scheme and have come to understand that line 8: -is flawed. Since we drop the … Continue reading

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C++ Template Meta Programming is Still Evil

I won’t include a meta-programming intro paragraph here, since if you’re not familiar with it – I sincerely hope you stay that way. If you insist, get an idea online or read the book (it’s a good read, but can’t … Continue reading

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Ternary Operator and Type Compatibility

The (?,:) operator, as in – is commonly referred to as the Ternary Operator. (It is a common abuse of terminology: a ternary operator is one that operates on three arguments. This particular ternary operator is the Conditional Expression operator.)  … Continue reading

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