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Breaking on System Functions with the Context Operator

[Edit, Aug 2010:] About a year after this trial-and-error-ish investigation, I accidently found this hidden bit of documentation which pretty much sums it up. The context operator is technically documented, although barely so. Seemed to me the reason is that … Continue reading

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Obtaining Decorated Names

There is a neat command line tool called UNDNAME.EXE to un-decorate a name, but what if you need the opposite? I.e., given a function header, how do you get its decorated name? Well, you could reconstruct it manually. The decoration … Continue reading

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Searching Through Memory in Visual Studio

MS maintains two separate debugger product lines – one (supposedly owned by the smaller team) being WinDbg and the other shipped with Visual Studio. There’s an ever-going online flame for superiority between fans of both debuggers (sample 1, sample 2). … Continue reading

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