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Integrating Matlab with Team Foundation Server 2010

I just managed to pull this integration off, and the process definitely deserves more web presence. First, as of 2011, Matlab (I never understood the shout-ish MATLAB spelling) consumes only MSSCCI source control connections, which a Team Explorer installation does … Continue reading

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Source Control Binding, Part 2: SAK and SOURCE_CONTROL_SETTINGS_PROVIDER

In a previous post I shared one form of binding trouble, which had to do with MSSCCPRJ.scc location on disk. A side note there reminded me of another issue – … The choice of binding location is controlled via a … Continue reading

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"The solution appears to be under source control", or: How P4 messes up MSSCCPRJ.scc Location

For a long while we faced an annoying issue with source control binding:  we’d load some solution and this would pop up: We’d then fix it using File/Source control/Change source control/Bind:   And all seemed well – until we loaded … Continue reading

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