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Breaking on Data Read

Edit: As of windows 10 the details and code¬†below do not work. A working alternative is detailed at a newer post.   You’re probably familiar with Data Breakpoints, and rightfully so: It’s extremely useful to know where a value changes. … Continue reading

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_VC80_UPGRADE and Warning RC4005 (IDR_MANIFEST Redefinition)

The _VC80_UPGRADE macro seems to cause some confusion around, as does the warning – ‘warning RC4005: ‘IDR_MANIFEST’ : redefinition.’ While it was tempting to try and smear these issues on two posts, fact is they are one. A disk search … Continue reading

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g_dwLastErrorToBreakOn: Watching Errors on VS Revisited

Raymond Chen posted about SetLastError recently, and an interesting discussion ensued. One comment in particular caught my eye: The easiest way to catch a specific last error value in debugger is to set ntdll!g_dwLastErrorToBreakOn to that value. A good while … Continue reading

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