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VS2012 Migration #3: autoexp and NoStepInto Replacements

In the past I blogged quite a few times about two immensely useful albeit mostly-unofficial debugger features: watch modification via autoexp.dat, and step-into modification via NoStepInto registry key. A long while ago I raised two suggestions at MS UserVoice, to … Continue reading

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VS2012 Migration #2: ‘Unspecified error’ Upon Solution Open

Solution: unbind and rebind all projects to source control. You can try and pin-point the offending projects, but why bother. The sln file does change (new SCC binding fields were added) but is still workable from VS2010.

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VS2012 Migration #1: “The Project ‘’ has been renamed’ and Other Errors on Build

About half a year ago I started experimenting with VS2012. It was not a smooth migration by any means, and I finally got around to recording online some of the lessons I learnt along the way. One of the first … Continue reading

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Entry Point Not Found, and other DLL Loading Problems

Occasionally I come across DLL load problems: The verbosity of the error messages varies greatly. In their raw form these include at least the DLL name, but as various frameworks come into play (for the error message above, it’s .net) … Continue reading

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