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My recent AFX_MODULE_STATE plunge was driven by some real world problems. In parallel to the write-up I mailed the current MFC chief maintainer, Pat Brenner – who directly invited such user interaction. The correspondence that ensued makes semi-official claims that … Continue reading

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Microsoft’s Known Issues Policy

As far as I can tell, there isn’t anything there you might seriously call a policy. Well there is an old ‘knowledge base’ searchable either via a solution center or technet. It includes, however, only known issues that MS support … Continue reading

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On AFX_MODULE_STATE, or – Avoiding afxCurrentInstanceHandle Asserts, Part 2

(Part 1.) The AFX_MANAGE_STATE macro is an iceberg-tip of some heavy machinery, whose documentation leaves much to be desired. Here’s an attempt to fill in some more blanks. Mid-Depth Dive Answering a question raised at part 1, the basic statement … Continue reading

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