Windows Internals Course by Sela College

A word just for Israeli readers:

Sela College has agreed to open a Windows Internals Class in Ramat-Gan. It’s a 5 day course, every Sunday starting June 24.

It’s obviously based on the identically named book, and the syllabus is as in-depth as you can possibly get in a course. Planned instructor is internals veteran Noam Sheffer.

I consider this course a rare opportunity (no, really, next one is in 1.5Y if at all) for an assisted dive into some really deep water. I’m going, so are 6 of my colleagues, and if you’re interested – I recommend you join. Either online or otherwise.

Disclaimer: It was my request that started it and so I feel somewhat responsible and am trying to help spread the word. I’ve no affiliation whatsoever with Sela or any of their employees, and am genuinely thrilled about this course.

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