Stepping Over Unwanted Functions

There’s an undocumented VS setting that lets you specify functions that would not be stepped into when you click F11.  This can be save quite a few clicks in situations of the form –

InterestingFunct(BoringFunc1(), BoringFunc2(),...,BoringFunc99);

Where pressing F11 would repeatedly step you into constructors, accessors, SmartPointer management routines, overloaded operators, you name it.

Now, it used to be that to achieve that you used the [ExecutionControl] section in autoexp.dat, and seems it is widely believed to still hold. However, since 2003(!) the home of these setting is the registry. Since VS2005, it’s the key-


Andy Pennell tells the full story, along with syntax (which I won’t rehash),  examples and some history – all in all, a great read.

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