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Slides from the Windows Developers User Group Meeting

Thanks goes to everyone who attended! As promised at the meeting, I’ve uploaded the presentation. The slides by themselves are rather thin, as almost the entire meeting was spent in visual studio. However, I left out various syntax details – … Continue reading

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"The solution appears to be under source control", or: How P4 messes up MSSCCPRJ.scc Location

For a long while we faced an annoying issue with source control binding:  we’d load some solution and this would pop up: We’d then fix it using File/Source control/Change source control/Bind:   And all seemed well – until we loaded … Continue reading

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‘Internal CPS Error’ When Adding A Project Reference

Edit: This is now a confirmed VS bug. Occasionally I get this – – when trying to add a reference from one project to another in VS2010. I’ve no idea what CPS is and what shim object they’re talking about, … Continue reading

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_VC80_UPGRADE and Warning RC4005 (IDR_MANIFEST Redefinition)

The _VC80_UPGRADE macro seems to cause some confusion around, as does the warning – ‘warning RC4005: ‘IDR_MANIFEST’ : redefinition.’ While it was tempting to try and smear these issues on two posts, fact is they are one. A disk search … Continue reading

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Child Breakpoints in Visual Studio

You often see in the breakpoints window that certain breakpoints are expandable: These are called child breakpoints, and are a strong contender to the title of most poorly documented feature of VS.  According to MSDN, child breakpoints occur – …when … Continue reading

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‘Frames below may be incorrect’, or: Stack Walking Requires Symbols

Here’s the symptom – you stop and inspect a stack: Note the message at the second line: Frames below may be incorrect and/or missing. No symbols loaded for XXXXX.dll. Chances are you read it once years ago and ignored it … Continue reading

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Checking Memory Corruption with _CrtCheckMemory – From the Debugger

Edit: In VS2015+ versions this trick is still useful but is a bit different.

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